Black Lives Memorial Heidelberg


AKIV(Arbeitskreis für Inter Kulturelle Verständigung) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation based in Heidelberg-Germany with cooperating volunteers from around the world. This organization was created to enhance links between different cultures/nations throughout the world. CIU strives for excellence in language and intercultural training in academic, professional, social and other occupational contexts. From our point of view of the cultural sector, intercultural dialogue involves public and private cultural / artistic initiatives which bring together individuals/groups from minority/migrant communities together with the majority population in order to enter into a multi-directional communication process.”

Our vision: Creating an open and inclusive society where all cultures are respected and tolerated.

Our mission: Promote intercultural dialogue within people living in Germany while creating partnerships abroad.

Our values: we are pragmatic: We create the future of our societies and look for practical solutions to our problems. We respect all cultures and unite people of different cultural backgrounds. We help immigrants understand the local culture and assist them to integrate. We ensure that gaps between citizens and institutions, policy and law makers are closed, and everyone is included.